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About Us

Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Palmerston North

At Phoenix Carpet Care we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We provide expert upholstery and carpet cleaning services that are both environmentally and budget conscious in Palmerston North.

Green cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Care strive to find the most environmentally friendly and effective solutions to upholstery and carpet cleaning. We only use nontoxic products to protect your health and the waterways in Palmerston North.

Healthier living

Moulds and mites can live, breed and grow in your carpet and furniture, having a detrimental effect on your health and quality of life. You mightn't even realise the effect it has until it's gone. We will thoroughly eradicate these problems and advise you on ways to prevent them coming back.

Expert care

The experts at Phoenix Carpet Care will take special care with your belongings and interior. We will protect your fittings and edges when carpet cleaning and take excellent care with your furniture. Our team of upholstery and carpet cleaners in Palmerston North are very experienced and knowledgeable, you can trust us. Phone the experts at Phoenix Carpet Care on (06) 354 6564 24/7. Our friendly staff are waiting for your call.
Couple lying on a white rug after carpet cleaning services in Palmerston North
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